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Six Ways to Liven Up Your Letter

By October 8, 2021No Comments

Life is serious. Envelopes don’t have to be.

Some of us have a way with words. Others want to relay their creativity in different ways. Here are some ideas for adding even more fun to your Letter of Love.

  1. Bring a little magic to your message by decorating the envelope with stickers, stamps or little drawings.

2. Write your note using the entirety of the back of a postcard, and pop it into an envelope, which will give you the space to say everything you want to relay.

3. Include a Polaroid photo of something you’re writing about. The plants that you grew from seeds, your pet who wants love 24-7, the foot of snow that fell overnight or your first attempt at baking bread.

4. If you have kids who are into art, ask them to draw a picture and include it along with your letter.

5. Use fun pen colors. No one can resist smiling when they open a letter written in pink neon ink.

6. Experiment with shapes. Trace a rainbow (or other fun shape) on a notecard, cut it out, color in one side and write on the other. Instant mood-brightener.

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